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    September 25, 2020
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  • ASA ALR Update
    Updated On: Sep 10, 2020


    Update 9.9.20
    •LILOF: you are not “an active employee”.
    •LILOF: You can not bid open positions while on leave. 
    •LILOF: You can not cancel vacation on the books, if you’re still out, slots will be opened up for DAT 14 days in advance.
    •LILOF: You will he asked to supply management or RPG with a shift proxy and vacation proxy.
    •LILOF: If your leave commences or ends mid week, you’ll be paid for hours worked and the remainder of your week will be pro rated @33%. 
    •45 is the magic number for Early Out(EO). Some are LILOF transition to EO. By July 2021, 45 EO. 
    •DAT’s  for the next several months will be limited due to staffing needs associated with LILOF. 
    •AMFA and AS are in discussion for clarity on the new attendance policy implemented just prior to COVID. 
    •Mark Dahl, Local 32 ALR, has taken the EO and be retiring the end of September, Jeff Heard will be the interim ALR while the election process commences at L32. 
    •AMFA and AS are in discussion/collaboration for zero furloughs through the end of the year. 
    In solidarity, Jarod

    Update 9.3.20

    We continue to work on Furlough Mitigation with Alaska. First and foremost, we look forward to a positive Arbitration Ruling from Mr. Horowitz by the end of the month which would keep the six protected stations fully staffed. Absence a positive ruling, we have been in discussions with the company on ELILOF and EO round two being enough manpower reduction through the end of the year - we await Alaskas Executive Committee approval. 

    I appreciate your patience during these trying times. Be safe and continue to utilize PPE as required in the work place. 

    Fraternally, Jarod

    Aug 4

    We met with the company Monday to discuss the EOP and LILOF applications. Roughly 37 applied for EOP, 88 for enhanced LILOF (3/6/12 month). Most applicants will likely be notified by the company of approval by the end of this week.  

    These EOP/LILOF number fall short of the staffing reductions Alaska is trying to meet for M & E cost savings and Technician to Aircraft ratio (4 to 1).  We will continue to collaborate with Divisional and Labor Leaders to mitigate the impact on our members.

    Alaska notified AMFA Nat'l pursuant to the WARN act that furloughs were imminent October 01, 2020 - with reductions of up to 35%. Look for further communication and information about the WARN notices from both the union and company.  

    Keep in mind AMFA is pursuing Job Protection LOA #9 arbitration August 17th, with a ruling before September 30, 2020.  

    PPE or face coverings should be utilized in areas to include but not limited to; restrooms, halls, break areas, offices, ready rooms, locker rooms etc. Ramp, hangar and open work areas are not required if you are sure that social distancing is adequate. Currently Alaska has not mandated masks from clock in to clock out, so please follow guidelines in place to keep from draconian rules being implemented.  

    Please encourage coworkers to scan the QRH code with their smart phone camera in the union bulletin boards - they can sign up with L14 webmaster so frequent updates go directly to them! 

    Fraternally, Jarod

    UPDATE Aug 01

    EOP and enhanced LILOF applications must be submitted before 11:59pm PST 8/02/2020.

    Contact myself or Sonia Alvarado for any last minute questions or concerns with EOP and LILOF. My cell is 253.569.1425.

    AMFA and AS will meet in the morning Monday to go through the EOP and LILOF applications. You’ll be contacted with approval with in the following week.

    WARN notices will go out this week for furloughs at all stations, post CARES Act September 30, 2020. AMFA is still collaborating with Alaska to mitigate the number of employees that could be affected.

    Arbitration is sched for August 17 for an outside party to determine if LOA #9, job protection will allow for any furloughs. The arbiter has committed to have a ruling by 9/30/2020.

    Second week of October we’ve scheduled arbitration for the Roster Apps grievance.

    Contact myself or Sonia Alvarado for any last minute questions or concerns with EOP and LILOF.

    Please continue to be vigilant with PPE in the work center.

    Fraternally, Jarod

    UPDATE July 01

    Quick Early out (EOP) and Enhanced Leave In Lieu of Furlough (LILOF) update:  Meeting today with M&E Divisional Leaders and Labor, AMFA has met with AS several times over the past month discussing an early out program, we are close to finalizing all docs and specifics. AMFA and AS will have full details on EOP and LILOF out to our work group soon with a joint communication. EOP will be an equivalent program that has already started being an option for other labor groups on property - LILOF discussions are ongoing. Enrolment and selection of the package (EOP and LILOF) should be available by mid-July for a three week opt in or selection process if all goes to our projected evaluation and timeline. Watch for more information to follow.  In solidarity, Jarod 

    Jarod Mills
    (253) 569-1425

    8th May 2020

    We extended the COVID-19 MOU until September 30, 2020. Note that anyone taking a Leave of Absence longer than 90 days, seniority will be affected. Following CBA Article 11 guidelines for Leave of Absence. Seniority penalty does not apply for leaves using sick leave.

    Staffing adjustments are available for 1 to 14-day periods, with no seniority or accrual penalties.  Pay code should be LSA (Leave Staffing Adjustment) not PO. Staffing adjustments will follow DAT guidelines in CBA Article 13 - Vacations. Requests are processed through your Local management and they will notify Roster Apps if approved. 

    Currently there are 153 planes parked through out the system in active short term storage, (102) are Boeing and (51) are Airbus. There are (10) Airbus 319’s and (2) 320’s going into long term storage, those 12 planes will be returned to the leasing company. Alaska has (81) planes flying, along with three standby planes for possible cargo flying. 

    Mark Dahl, Peter Manikoski (AMFA financial advisor) and myself met with the company via teleconference on May 6th. We discussed the the system wide audit AMFA requested regarding all the pay issues since inception of Kronos. We will be meeting every two weeks to discuss progress. 

    There is ongoing discussion regarding mask requirements at work in addition to other safety precautions. 

    Please register on the L14 web page so you can get updates pushed to your personal email.  The May 20th Local 14 Membership Meeting has been canceled due to State meeting restrictions. 

    Please follow CDC sanitation guidance and use your PPE - be respectful of coworkers and stay home if sick. 

    Fraternally, Jarod

    Jarod Mills
    (253) 569-1425

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